Bookkeeping Services (Yearly Once – Premium)

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Services Covered

  • Recording of year round entries (500 – 1000 transactions for one year) for the completed financial year
  • Preparation of Ledger Accounts-Cash, Sales, Purchases, Expenses
  • Preparation of Receipts and Expenses Statement/Profit and Loss Account
  • Preparation of Balance Sheet
  • Bank Reconciliation Statement as on date
  • Statement of balance of Account Receivables and Payables as on date
  • Stock Summary as on date

Who Should Buy

  • Proper maintenance of books and accounts is a prerequisite to any business entity. Further, it is mandatory for firms undergoing statutory or internal audit.
  • This plan is designed to address the accounting needs of any business and professional.

Documents To Be Submitted

  • The documents needed shall depend on the service you need at a particular point of time. The same shall be communicated to you by our experts based on your requirements.


Income tax act requires compulsory audit in certain cases and that is possible only when books have been maintained as per the law.
Companies are regulated by the Companies Act and as per the Act every company is required to file annual return with registrar of companies. It is mandatory even if there are losses or no income in a financial year.
Helps individuals and businesses keep a track of their expenses, monitor their revenues and take informed financial decisions.

An accountant understands the fundamentals of accounting. The proper classification of expenses as capital in nature(eg. Fixed assets) or revenue in nature(eg. purchases) is important. Incorrect accounting can lead to financial losses. Though various accounting tools have come up over the time but the human intelligence is irreplaceable.

Considering that most startups do not need a full time dedicated accountant as the volume of transactions is low and at times it is not economically feasible to hire one, we have specially designed this pack to meet all your accounting needs. Get your accounts maintained by our experts and get your accounting done without having to employ a full time accountant.

The accounting services will be done remotely using online softwares. We do not support in-person visit by our accountants. Our experts will be available on call and email to address any queries.

Sure, as long as your software can be accessed remotely we can use it. Once you provide us with the access to your software, our experts will login and prepare your accounts.

Yes, our package is designed for small businesses having limited number of transactions. If the number of transactions is in the specified range(for current package-up to 300 transactions), the same plan can be used even if the duration is more than an year. The customer is required to share all vouchers, bank statements and other documents pertaining to the relevant period. The service will be delivered at one point of time and not on going basis.

Our CA firms are trained on commonly popular accounting software such as Tally, QuickBooks, Zoho etc. Our CA will guide you to share the data backup of your transactions from your software and use the same software to process your books of accounts. The final data backup of your accounts will be shared with you.

Our CA will be able provide all the standard financial reports that can be generated by the accounting software. These will include at least:
Trial Balance
Balance Sheet
Profit and Loss Account
Accounts Receivables and Payables

If you are not using any accounting software, our CA will prepare your books of account using commonly popular accounting software such as Tally & QuickBooks. Under this package, you will only get the final data backup of your accounts. Software Access or license is not included in the package. You will need to separately purchase a software license.

Presently, we can only prepare your accounts in Quickbooks, Zoho or Tally. For other software requests, we will check for feasibility with our CA and advise you.

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